trojan horses


Trojan Horses, Rootkits and Backdoors

Basic principal with all malicious programs is that they
need the user support to do the damage to a computer. That
is the reason why Trojan horses try to deceive the users by
showing them some other form of e mail. It might come as a
different file extension also. If the user does not run the
file or it get disturbed by shutting down the system or some
sort of activity, the Trojan horse will terminate.

In general terms if any program which is run by a user by
getting deceived and which will create dangerous malicious
payloads. These payload affects can be in many forms. It can
be either deleting files or installing unwanted soft wares.
When the Trojan horse is used as a dropper it will allow
other hackers and worms to attack the network easily. read more

Protecting the Business Against Trojan Horse Software Programs

Trojan horse is a kind of malicious software program that
tries to deceive or trick the user to get into a computer
and do some unwanted attacks. It is named after the Trojan
horses tricked the troy`s residents to get into the Greek
warriors city. This software also acts in the same way.

Trojan horse programs cannot be called really as viruses.
They are not made to spread in the computer files like
common viruses. The user has to activate them to be
effective. Most users do this unknowingly.

They will come into the user as some sort of music file,
photo, or a game. This will make the users to open it and
see. Otherwise users will not open these files which can
delete their files, corrupt them or leak out confidential
information from the computer. read more