Internet Safety


Strategies to Keep Your Servers Safe

Most of us understand the important of security. But mainly
we care about physical items. But it is not the only thing
that needs security. Data security is as valuable as
physical security. Business information, intellectual
property or client data are few examples for it.

Physical properties can be locked in a room for security.
But the data cannot be made safe that easily. At least if it
is in a computer, firewall or passwords can give some sort
of protection. But if it is in a server, it becomes really
risky unless it is well protected. There are some basic
measures to be taken when the data is stored in a server. read more

Why is Internet Safety Important?

These days web experience is not as same as olden days
experience. Olden days the web browsing used to be much
safer. Even the malware programs are not used to cost the
infected party much money. But now a day’s malware attack
can cost you a lot. And also the techniques used by these
viruses are very innovative and effective.

There was a time when people used to visit only the well
known good sites they normally visit. But with the advances
in web technology and increasing number of web sites, users
cannot restrict there browsing for few sites. On top of that
even the well known sites can be outfitted with malicious
scripts which will turn them also into dangerous sites. read more

Autorun FAQs

Autorun is a function which makes the specified files or
programs to start running as soon as they are connected in
the USB port. Windows has included this feature in their
operating systems. This option can be a trouble if it goes
out of control. Lets have a look at some problems with

What is exactly Autorun?

Autorun feature uses autorun.inf file in any connected
source to start executing them as soon as they are detected.
Autorun.inf will contain the information about the process
to carry out. This autorun.inf file will have all the
information about the program to perform. read more

Scammers Target Unemployed

Scams are a nightmare for an unemployed person. Unemployment
is itself a troubling factor for financial situation of a
person. Getting caught in a spam can make things worse for
them. It will put them in credit issues even. Scammers will
get in touch with the people in many ways. E mail, phone
calls or classified advertisements are the major trends
followed by them. There are few major types of scams.

Reshipping Fraud

Mission: to receive a shipment and repackage it and send it
to another address may be international.

Risk: in most of the cases, these items found to be stolen
goods or either bought with a stolen credit card. They will
ask the recipient to send them as gifts. But if you get
caught you might even end up in jail. read more