PC viruses


10 Worst Computer Viruses

Viruses are the deadliest threat to a computer. It is not
only for a computer, but also for the information and data
in it. Even worms, Trojans and spam can be considered in
this category. For example a virus can empty a bank account
in minutes without the account holder’s permission. Let’s
have a look at the worst of all these viruses.

1. The Morris worm

This was created by Robert Morris in 1998. This virus
affected around 60,000 computers which was around 10 percent
of all the computers used internet in those days. He was a
student of MIT at that time and this program was not
supposed to be a virus. But it halted the working of all the
computers it went in. Now he is an associate professor in
the same university. He sent this virus as if it is sent
from MIT. It exploited the weaknesses in passwords, in UNIX
and also in Finger. read more

Protect Yourself from Viruses

There are many types of failures occurring in computers like
power surge, hardware failures. Other than these physical
occurrences, there are some digital attacks for the
computers. They are called virus.

Virus is a program which is made to disrupt the normal
condition of a file or application and to fail the intended
process. Viruses will spread from file to file. There are
different types of attacks like file corruption, application
corruption and crash in memory are very common activities.
Hey even can affect the hardware of the computer.

Avoiding Viruses

There are many ways that a virus can come into a computer.
One of the main sources of virus is incoming e mails. E mail
attachments can contain viruses. If the sender is not known,
it is better not to open any e mail attachment from them.
Some e mail managing programs are set to open any e mail
immediately when it is received. Disable them to avoid any
risk. read more